Mẫu thư mời đi du lịch - thăm thân nhân Canada


I, the undersigned, , Mrs. NGUYEN VAN X, domiciled and residing at , in the city of Laval, province of Quebec, Canada, solemnly declare that: 

1. My date of birth was: 

2. My place of birth was: 

3. My residency status in Canada is: Canadian citizenship

4. My current marital status is: Married

5. I make this statutory declaration in order to invite my brother to Canada. 

6. My brother’s name is

7. My brother, born o­n , in , Vietnam, is now living at the following address: 

123 Tran Van Dang street, Ward 04, 04 District, Ho Chi Minh city,

8. I will support my brother financially and materially and provide him with accommodation and food during his stay in Canada. 

9. I pledge myself that my brother will return to Vietnam after his visit to Canada. 

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have signed in Montreal, o­n this twenty-sixth day of April, 2007. 


Solemnly declared in Montreal, o­n this 
twenty-sixth day of April, 200X 

Notary public or Commissioner for oaths

Mẫu thư mời đi dự hội chợ thương mại

Name of Individual Trade Show Organizer/Association Logo
Title Address

Name of Company/Organization
Street Address
City, Region Postal Codes

Dear Mr. X:
Thank you for your request for an invitation to attended __________name of show___, to be held at ___location____-, from ___dates___. We are pleased to welcome your attendance at our event. For assistance in registration, housing, or additional information o­n the event you may wish to contact the Commercial Section of the Canadian Embassy or General Consulate in your country.

You must be aware that in order to visit the Canada, you will need to obtain a visa for this purpose. The attached materials identify how you apply for a visa. We encourage you to contact the Consular Section of the Embassy or Consulate near your location to determine how to apply, and the likely time required for that process of visa issuance to be accomplished. Our ___trade show/association__ has no influence over the issue of a visa. We suggest that you make application at least three months prior to the event to avoid disappointment.

When you travel to Canada, we suggest that upon entry you carry a copy of your planned itinerary including not o­nly your visit to our trade event, but including any follow-on business or vacation plans you have. The Immigration and Naturalization Officer at your port of entry will determine the approved duration of your visit. It is therefore in your interest to let the officer know of your plan to seek approval for the full duration of your planned visit in Canada.

Should you wish additional background information o­n our event, you may wish to discuss the event with the Commercial staff of the Embassy or Consulate, or to browse our website.

We look forward to welcoming you at our show.
Sincerely yours,
Organizer Official

Signed and sealed.

Mẩu thư mời :

XXXX Corp 
1720 - Suite 110 - Victoria, BC Canada , V5P 7P5 
Phone:  604-XXXXXX   · Fax 604-XXXX info

Nguyen XXX
ABC Trading Co.,
95 Hung Vuong st
Ward 04, 5 Dist, HCMC, VN 

Date of Birth: 20/Mar/1960
Place of Birth: Ho Chi Minh City
Passport Expiration Date: 21/10/2015
Nationality : Vietnam

XX 27, 2008

Dear Mr. XXX,

The XXX Corp is pleased to extend an Official Letter of Invitation to you to attend the 2008 Symposium o­n the Application of Geophysics to Engineering and Environmental Problems (SAGEEP) to be held March 29 - April 25, 2008 in Vancouver, BC, Canada

For the past 21 years XXX Corp has sponsored SAGEEP to bring together industry professionals from around the world to learn the latest applications and techniques to better serve the world we live in. The wide-ranging technical program includes hundreds of formal presentations by individual speakers, workshops and continuing education short courses. More than 40 companies will display their newest geophysical equipment and techniques in the accompanying exhibition.

We understand that you will bear all of the expenses related to your visit to Canada. Please apply the visa to Canadian Embassy or General Consulate in your country and confirm by return.

We look forward to your attendance at this important meeting.

SAGEEP 2008 General Chair

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